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Omaha Recycling Guide

Paper Plates & Bowls

Not Accepted

PC Paper Plate Bowl

DO NOT place this item in a City of Omaha curbside recycling cart or drop-off site container.

Place all types of disposable paper plates and bowls (clean or used) in the garbage.

PC Paper Plate Bowl

Where Else Could It Go?

If—and ONLY if—the paper plate or bowl is marked "100% compostable" or "certified compostable," it can be composted through a paid-program at an industrial-composting facility, such as Hillside Solutions.

Hillside Solutions

Did You Know

Most paper containers for foods and liquids, including paper plates, cups, and bowls, are commonly lined with a thin coating of plastic or wax that makes them leak-proof. This lining is very difficult to separate from the paper, which makes them non-compostable, and not easily recycled through traditional methods. Place this item in the garbage.