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Omaha Recycling Guide

Electronics & Accessories

Not Accepted, Alternative Options Available

E Accessories Group1

DO NOT place this item in a curbside recycling cart or drop-off site container.

Take used personal electronics and accessories (also known as e-waste) to an electronics recycling center. Items like headphones, chargers, stereo or video equipment, printers, and DVD players can contain valuable materials and parts. See local options listed below.

CAUTION: Some items contain rechargeable batteries that are considered household hazardous waste and require special handling.

E Accessories Group1

Where Else Could It Go?

Some local businesses offer recycling services for personal electronic devices, accessory cables, laptops, and other household electronics. Processing fees may apply.

Best Buy Cross Electronic Recycling Motherboard Sadoff E-Recycling

Tip: Always call ahead to confirm hours, whether your item can be accepted, and what fees may apply.

Ways to Reduce or Reuse

Consider holding off on upgrades or new purchases of electronics if your devices are in good working condition.

Did You Know

Electronics waste (also known as e-waste) can contain various plastics, silicone, glass, and valuable precious metals, as well as toxic chemicals. By recycling your old electronics, you can help prevent harmful materials from polluting the environment, while reducing waste and conserving resources.