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Omaha Recycling Guide

Clothing & Textiles

Not Accepted

MISC Clothing Jeans

DO NOT place this item in a City of Omaha curbside recycling cart or drop-off site container.

Place clothing and textiles in the garbage if they cannot be donated or reused.

MISC Clothing Jeans

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Ways to Reduce or Reuse

Consider donating gently-used clothing, fabrics, and household textiles to a local charity or thrift store. Tip: Always call ahead to confirm if your item can be accepted.

Clothing or textiles that cannot be donated could be repurposed in creative ways, such as using scraps for rags or quilting.

Did You Know

Clothing and shoes are some of the most difficult items to recycle because of different fabric blends and mixed materials like zippers. The process for separating different types of fibers, non-fabric components, and dyes or chemical treatments is labor intensive and requires expensive technology, which is why it's challenging to find a traditional recycling program for these items. The best option is to reuse or donate your old clothes and shoes whenever possible.

Some online retailers offer mail-in programs and claim to recycle certain types of textiles and/or shoes for a fee. Browse online to see if there is a paid program for your item. If you cannot find or use an alternative method, place your item in the garbage when it's too worn out for donating.