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Omaha Recycling Guide

Chip & Snack Bags

Not Accepted, Alternative Options Available

PL Chip Snack Bag

DO NOT place this item in City of Omaha curbside recycling carts or drop-off site containers.

Place chip and snack bags in the garbage, or use an alternative option.

PL Chip Snack Bag

Where Else Could It Go?

Empty plastic chip and snack bags, even those that are shiny inside, can be placed in an orange Hefty® ReNew® bag. Remove all contents before placing in the orange bag.

FirstStar Recycling offers this special program to collect hard-to-recycle plastics in our community. To participate, you can purchase orange Hefty® ReNew® bags, which will be collected through your existing curbside and drop-off site services. When filled with accepted materials and tied shut, the bright orange Hefty® ReNew® bag is the ONLY bag that can be placed in a curbside recycling cart or drop-off site container. Learn more about the local Hefty® ReNew® program:

Hefty® ReNew®

Tip: If the bag tears like paper or is made of mixed materials, such as a paper outside with a plastic-lined inside, it should go in the garbage.

Learn More

The Hefty® ReNew® program and list of accepted materials may vary by location due to end processing capabilities. Information and guidelines for the Nebraska-specific program may be found at this link:

Hefty® ReNew®