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Omaha Recycling Guide


Not Accepted, Alternative Options Available

Yardwaste Item

DO NOT place yardwaste in a green-lid curbside recycling cart or drop-off site container.

There are multiple options for yardwaste collection in the City of Omaha:

  • Place yard waste such as grass clippings, small branches, and leaves in a black-lid waste cart along with garbage, or use an alternative option.
  • Tagged yardwaste bags or bundles of brush/branches can be collected curbside with the purchase of sticker tags (sold at most retailers that sell paper yardwaste bags). Place one sticker on each paper yardwaste bag or bundle of brush/branches.

Note: Yardwaste that is placed in a waste cart and/or stickered will be routed to the landfill.

Yardwaste Item

For six weeks each spring and six weeks each fall, the City of Omaha will offer a special curbside collection service for yardwaste. During these 12 weeks, no stickers are required on paper yardwaste bags.

Notes: Brush bundles require stickers year round. Material collected during these 12 weeks will be composted.

See all yardwaste collection information at:

Wasteline Yardwaste Collection

Where Else Could It Go?

Leaves, grass clippings, and small branches can be composted for free at home.

The Oma-Gro Composting Facility, located at 15705 Harlan Lewis Road in Bellevue, will receive self-hauled yardwaste at no charge.


Hillside Solutions/Soil Dynamics has a paid drop-off site near Eppley Airfield that accepts yardwaste and larger tree limbs for composting. This service is available through a paid subscription program.

Hillside Solutions

Ways to Reduce or Reuse

Leaving cut grass and leaves on your lawn is a perfectly viable option to reduce the negative consequences of yardwaste. It helps limit the resources spent to collect and commercially compost yardwaste, making it an environmentally friendly way to maintain your yard. It also allows your lawn to organically feed itself by putting water and nitrogen back into the soil, all while cutting down on your own time and effort. Learn more at:

Keep Omaha Beautiful