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Omaha Recycling Guide

Plastic Bags

Not Accepted, Alternative Options Available

PL Plastic Bag

DO NOT place this item in a City of Omaha curbside recycling cart or drop-off site container.

Place all types of plastic bags, including plastic grocery bags, bread bags, or newspaper bags in the garbage, or use an alternative option.

PL Plastic Bag

Where Else Could It Go?

EMPTY and CLEAN plastic bags and clear plastic films can be taken to a WRAP program collection site. Look for plastic bag recycling receptacles at participating grocery and retail stores.

WRAP Locations

EMPTY and CLEAN plastic bags and films can also be placed in an orange Hefty® ReNew® bag. FirstStar Recycling offers this special program to collect hard-to-recycle plastics in our community. To participate, you can purchase orange Hefty® ReNew® bags, which will be collected through your existing curbside and drop-off site services. When filled with accepted materials and tied shut, the bright orange Hefty® ReNew® bag is the ONLY bag that can be placed in a curbside recycling cart or drop-off site container. Learn more about the local Hefty® ReNew® program:

Hefty® ReNew®

Ways to Reduce or Reuse

Skip the bag or bring your own! Bring your own cloth or reusable shopping bags to use instead of single-use plastic bags.

Did You Know

Plastic bags are NOT accepted in the general recycling because they cause problems at the recycling facility. Bags can get wrapped around processing equipment, causing delays and other issues.

  • DO NOT include loose plastic bags in a City of Omaha green-lid recycling cart or drop-off site container
  • DO NOT bag recyclables -- bags of recyclables will be discarded
  • The ONLY exception is the orange Hefty® ReNew® bag when filled with material and tied shut